måndag 29 februari 2016

4709MHz on Skylake ...

Not far from a 5930K stock in multithreading, despite two less cores. But considerably faster in single threaded workloads = normal desktop type workloads. 41% faster, which should be noticeable and also not able to OC to equality. If not rendering etc. this is currently the best cpu.

lördag 27 februari 2016

Upgraded gaming rig with Skylake anyway, was too bored ...

Running it at a moderate clock of 4638MHz and the DDR4 RAM at 2746MHz, I reused my old AIO watercooler from Antec(but made by Asetek) using two Nidec Servo Gentle Typhoons in push-pull for the radiator. With good results, its pretty silent and with a nice low tuned whoosh at heavy load.

A el cheapo Corsair Carbide 200R houses the build, everything except mobo, cpu and ram is old stuff I had. I went for the Asus ROG Maximus VIII Hero for my Skylake i7 6700K, RAM is Kingston HyperX Fury2x8GB rated at 2666MHz. Windows 10 build 14267 installed just fine and everything runs smooth, soon to be tested during gaming, pretty happy so far :)

edit. 1k cb:s in Cinebench R15 is finally cracked with a mere 4 core cpu, nice:

tisdag 23 februari 2016

Overclocking the gpu makes SteamVR run more smooth ...

But basically you need a GTX980Ti or above(Pascal, Polaris) to get a flat curve, regardless of other peripherals like cpu or memory,

I overclocked my GTX980 to 1466/7400MHz(gpu/gdram):