fredag 24 oktober 2014

Jag postade ett snabbintryck av Topping NX1 på ...

I bought the NX1 from Amazon, mainly because my Galaxy S5 has too weak power output for fullsize cans. I really like it, small and excellent finish, and it was fully charged in just a couple of minutes when using an old Sony Ericsson mobile charger.

I haven't tested it much yet but at least mission is accomplished as my Sony MDR-ZX700:s which I often use on the road(I normally use Sennheiser HD429:s as well) pumped out some mighty meaty bass which they have never put out before, and reaching ear popping volumes using the Galaxy S5 is now possible, Exactly what I was seaking for!

At home I mostly use Sennheiser HD600:s which are driven admirably by my Sony TA-FB940R integrated amp, but I was never completely satisfied with the performance of my Philips SHP8900:s. Interesting enough so is the NX1 much better at driving the Philips-cans than the fullsize integrated amp, the result  is a richer/thicker sound using the NX1, almost reaching the richness and fullness of the HD600-sound but still with Philips much wider soundstage intact. Using only the integrated amp, the Philips-cans sounds slightly thin and plasticky(but wide).

Obviously so is the SHP8900 a slightly difficult load, a load which poses no particular problem for the NX1. The Topping folks seems to know exactly what they are doing, very happy with the product so far!  :-)

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